Epay – Cashless Payment Kiosk

Gridscape ePay is a flexible system, based on industry standards that can easily be integrated with any application that requires payment or user authentication prior to rendering a service. For Electric Vehicle Charging application, the Gridscape ePay can be connected to a stand-alone or a network of Charging Stations to remotely monitor and control the operation*. It features authentication** process of credit or RFID cards for EV charging service and includes a high resolution touch screen LCD display that enables user to read information or follow instructions. The system can be conveniently placed in indoor or outdoor environment and for using the EV charging service

The Gridscape ePay for EV charging application can connect from 1 to 24 EV charging stations via serial, wired or wireless Ethernet. The Gridscape ePay, as an option, can also be integrated with applications that provide Building Energy Management system or Point-Of-Interest mapping database services.

Gridscape's ePay Kiosk is a complete, standards-compliant kiosk payment solution for EV charging. It provides various payment options including magnetic swipe CC, EMV, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and any other RFID based authentication and payment. It works with all leading EV chargers.