OCPP Web Portal

Gridscape offers complete OCPP cloud server and embedded client for your EV charging solution, as a licensed product as well as managed service depending upon your business needs. We also offer integrated certified OpenADR suite in the server

OCPP Solutions

Central System Services are offered from Gridscape OCPP Server for OCPP 1.5 on soap and OCPP 1.6 on soap and json. The server is installed and operational since 2014. The set of APIs are available for the data exchange alongwith additional APIs to integrate mobile app with the server. With predefined parameters, OCPP chargers can be easily configured Gridscape OCPP Server to utilize its services. Gridscape offers Licensed copy of the server. Understanding the market requirements, Gridscape provides full operational support, remotely, to manage the chargers deployed in the field. This service is optional. Gridscape OCPP Server is designed to operate with Gridscape ePay product. For more details see Gridscape ePay.

Upcoming version of server will include asset and fault management modules, automated oADR  implementation.